Test chamber examination and methods

The emissions of the materials are primarily determined by means of test-chamber examinations. The volatile organic ingredients are determined under practice-orientated test conditions on freshly produced merchandise.

The test-chamber method used for textile floorcoverings follows the test-chamber method developed within the framework of international standardisation. Merchandise that has been freshly produced is supplied in packing and is conditioned in a test chamber for 72 hrs.

The proportion between the textile floorcovering and the chamber volume conforms with the conditions encountered in practice and amounts to 0.4 m2/m3. In the test chamber there are constant climatic conditions (23 C and 50 % relative humidity) as well as a constant exchange of air with purified air (0.5/h). After conditioning, the relevant enrichment of the compounds emitted is carried out onto suitable adsorption materials, e.g., Tenax and DNPH. Gas-chromatographic evaluation is conducted as shown here by means of state-of-the-art GC/MS analysis.