Cleaning is preventing

Moulds are known to be sources of aeroallergens.
They cause rhinitis, asthma, dermatitis, and other health problems in atopic patients. They can also produce VOCís or mycotoxins in airborne particles that can contribute to fatigue, irritation or intoxication.

Prevention requires reduction of exposure in indoor environments.
Generally the level of mould concentration in places regularly ventilated and cleaned, such as offices, is lower than in home environments.

Carpets that are regularly cleaned reduce fungal growth.
Species of fungi with the highest contamination potential produce cells not easily transportable through the air, so their role in allergy is limited.
(Source: Hugues Beguin & Nicole Nolard, Section of Mycology, Scientific Institute of Public Health, Brussels, Belgium 1999)

(Source: Cedric D. Cheong and Dr. Heike G. Neumeister-Kemp - School of Environmental Science, Murdoch University, Western Australia)