The friction coefficient of carpet and its safety

This test of 20 carpet samples shows that all of them are safe or extremely
safe in terms of slip hazards.

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Impact force by sub-floor with and without carpet

Floor type

Mean peak impact force (kN)

Concrete uncarpeted


Wood uncarpeted


Concrete carpeted


Wood carpeted



A study by the British Geriatrics Society shows that the mean impact force is ignificantly lower on wooden carpeted floors and is highest on concrete uncarpeted floors. In this study, wooden carpeted floors were associated with the lowest number of fractures per 100 falls.

(Source: A.H.R.W. Simpson et al Age and ageing Vol. 33 N3 British Geriatrics Society - 2004)

Number of fractures in %

(Source: Booth et al., 1996, BR Orth. Res. Soc. Proc., Sept.)