Carpet installation methods

Carpet offers maximum flexibility.
Itís easy to cut and combine, and with the various installation methods available, practicality and cost considerations can always be optimised:

  1. The stretch-in method, where carpet is fitted on top of an underlay with tack strips, provides superior insulation, noise reduction, extended lifetime and maximum comfort. Replacement is easy.

  2. The glue-down method is suitable for most areas, including ramps and heavy traffic areas. Seams remain durable with no restrictions to the size of the area to be carpeted. Special borders or custom design features can be realised with glue-down installation.
    It is important to use solvent-free glues only, in which the emissions of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCís) are optimised. They must be EC1- certified, a label that indicates that these adhesives are meeting a number of health preservation criteria.

  3. Tack glue is perfect on carpet tiles and makes replacement easy.

  4. The hook and loop carpet fastening method is quick, cheap and does
    not damage the base floor.

  5. Two-sided tape is a good system but it is only recommended for small
    spaces with no seams at all.

  6. The loose laid method is easy and unexpensive: it is convenient for small
    spaces when using a carpet with a high dimensional stability.