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emission and pollutant testing  |  physical and mechnical testing

Centexbel, the Belgian Textile Research Centre, was founded in 1950 at the initiative of Fedustria, the Belgian professional organisation of the textile, wood and furniture industry to reinforce the competitive position of the Belgian textile companies.To fulfil this mission, Centexbel offers an extensive range of activities and services to the textile industry, including testing, certification, consultancy and Research & Development. Since 1990 CTB is a GUT/PRODIS test house.



TFI - Textiles & Flooring Institute GmbH was founded in Aachen in 1964. The research activities are mainly focussed on problem solving in the fields of development, production, marketing, use and recycling of floor coverings and -systems. The main focus is set on the promotion, improvement and guarantee of the product quality and the protection of health, environment and consumers. TFI is a neutral, independent and non-profit research institute. It is a competent partner to the sector of trade and commerce and available for all questions and the interchange of opinions and knowledge. Since 1990 TFI is a GUT/PRODIS test house.



In Austria the ÖTI – Institute for Ecology, Technics and Innovation Ltd. is the institute with the widest range of textile services. As a modern service provider we offer a significant number of services and know how to our international customers. Since 1992 ÖTI is a GUT/PRODIS test house.




emission and pollutant testing

The eco-INSTITUT Germany GmbH is an independent business. Independence in assessment and integrity in testing activities are guaranteed by ISO/IEC 17025 accreditation. One of the priorities of test competence is the measurement of emissions (outgassing) in 90 test chambers according to ISO 16000, e.g., according to the approval principles of the German Institute of Structural Engineering (DIBt). Since 2011 ECO-Institut is a GUT/PRODIS - testlab



The Eurofins Group provides testing, certification, and consulting on the quality and safety of products to manufacturers, distributors and retailers. Our expertise encompasses a multitude of national and international specifications and regulations. The Group applies the highest technical standard to ensure impartial testing and independent judgement. Since 2008 Eurofins is a GUT/PRODIS test house.



The belgian based Laboratory VITO product emission testing center  conducts the testing and certification of the emissions from  construction products in accordance with national and international regulations.  Since 2016 Vito is a GUT/PRODIS test house.



physical and mechanical product testing 

Since 1992 CRET is a GUT/PRODIS test house.


Since 1995 UNI Gent is a GUT/PRODIS test house.



Since 2008 CSTB is a GUT/PRODIS testhouse




Since 2010 TÜV Rheinland Nederland B.V is a GUT/PRODIS test house.