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Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) is getting worse.
As a result of better building insulation, the exchange between old and fresh air from the outside has been dramatically reduced, increasing the concentra- tion of pollutants inside. And today, people spend more of their time indoors.

Indoor Air Pollution (IAP) is made of a complex mixture of fibres, particles, radon, microbiological agents, allergens, tobacco smoke and other combus- tion products. There are also formaldehyde and VOC’s, such as aceton, benzene, toluene, cyclohexane, n-hexane, styrene, chlorinated and other solvents that are emitted by indoor building materials such as paints, stains and adhesives, or furniture and other design and fashion articles. «read_more»



Any floor needs to be cleaned regularly, and carpet is no exception.
There are three good reasons to perform carpet maintenance:
The representative factor: people want to feel comfortable and welcome.
The economic factor: a good maintenance programme extends the life and initial appearance of carpet.
The hygienic factor: a well-maintained carpet has a positive influence on the Indoor Air Quality. »read_more«



Asthma and allergies have been on the increase for over 50 years.
In the EU, 1 person out of 4 is affected by allergies. This number continues to rise because we live a great deal of our lives
inside buildings, where we are breathing more allergens than we would

Nobody knows the cause for allergies with any certainty.
New scientific work suggests allergies are a complex illness. Recent research has put forward many new hypotheses as to the development of allergies and asthma. »read_more«