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Every breath you take

Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) is getting worse.

As a result of better building insulation, the exchange between old and fresh air from the outside has been dramatically reduced, increasing the concentration of pollutants inside. And today, people spend more of their time indoors.


A risk to human health

Indoor Air Pollution (IAP) is made of a complex mixture of fibres, particles, radon, microbiological agents, allergens, tobacco smoke and other combustion products. There are also formaldehyde and VOC’s, such as aceton, benzene, toluene, cyclohexane, n-hexane, styrene, chlorinated and other solvents that are emitted by indoor building materials such as paints, stains and adhesives, or furniture and other design and fashion articles. By making informed choices, people can reduce the risks of Indoor Air Pollution.

Carpet: the benefits

Carpet actually traps the dust so that fewer dust particles float in the air.