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Indoor Air Quality

Due to their large surface area, interior decoration materials like textile floorcoverings, may contribute to the emission of volatile organic compounds into the indoor air. Textile floorcoverings are therefore analysed for emissions of volatile organic compounds and other selected substances in a test-chamber examination.

Emissions from Textile Floorcoverings

The GUT evaluation scheme for emissions from textile floorcoverings is based on the ECA-18-system and is compatible with other systems such as the procedure suggested by AgBB ( Committee for Health-related Evaluation of Building Products) for the evaluation of building products used for large indoor areas.

GUT- Criteria for Emissions

TVOC ( C6 to C16)

300 µg / m³

VOC without LCI*

100 µg / m³


≤ 1

SVOC ( C16 to C22 )

30 µg / m³

Carcinogenic substances
(EU-list Classes 1 and 2 )

not detectable


Test chamber method (EN 13419; 1+2; ISO 16000). The test is performed 72 h after t=0. The calculation and evaluation of the R-value the actual LCI-value-list as published by AgBB is used.

Comparison GUT/AgBB criteria

Emission testEmission testEmissionsprüfungEmissie test

ECA Report 18


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incl. LCI-List

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