Odour Test

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Odour Test

Odours may impair the consumer’s well-being substantially. Therefore, the only odour that may be emitted by the product tested, is a characteristic "newness" odour of low intensity. Only such products are awarded the GUT Label.

Although the perception of odour is subjective and subject to fluctuations, the test method used here, in spite of its simplicity, is excellently suited for the assessment of textile floorcoverings.

Odour Test for Textile Floorcoverings

Like other olfactory tests, the odour test for textile floorcoverings is conducted with a group of test persons specially trained for this method. In a worst-case scenario, the olfactory method for textile floorcoverings tries to simulate the odour development at increased temperatures (direct exposure to sunlight, floor heating). 

After the sample conditioning the team of test persons will individually assess the resulting odour development and will try to define the type of odour as well as the intensity and the overall impression.

It is the primary objective of such an odour test to ensure a clear distinction between acceptable new-product odour (= grade 3) and unacceptable odour formation (= grade 4).


The mean value of the grades for the odour intensity must be a grade < 4.


Als Endverbraucher haben Sie im Falle einer Geruchsbildung die Möglichkeit,  über die GUT-Geschäftstelle eine sensorischen und falls notwendig auch eine chemische Prüfung zu beantragen. Das sorgfälltig in Aluminiumfolire verpackte Muster (Mindestgröße DIN A4) wird von einem der GUT-Prüfinstitute hinsichtlich der Geruchsbildung oder der VOC-Emissionen untersucht.

Bite setzen sich vorher telefonisch mit der GUT Geschäftstelle in Verbindung, da erfahrungsgemäß ein kurzes Vorgespräch die Barbeitung erleichtert.

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Emissions and Odours

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