Pollutant test

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Pollutant test

The actual pollutant test is conducted for hazardous substances that may have been furnished into the textile floorcovering via initial products such as raw materials, adjuvants and the like.

To ensure consumer safety, fitted carpets that have been awarded the GUT Signet meet the following requirements:

  • Textile floorcoverings are always manufactured in compliance with the ban on the use of specific substances like:

Organic carriers (dyeing accelerants), azodyes, a certain amount of disperse  and carcinogenic dyes, flame retardants, TBT, ZDEC (vulcanisation accelerator)

Details see testcriteria

    • For several harmful substances GUT established limit values that must not be exceeded:

    Chlorophenols, orthophenylphenol, chlororganic and phosphororganic pesticides, herbicides, permethrin, heavy metals and VOC-Emissions

    Details see testcriteria

    The GUT product tests are carried out by independent European test houses in state of the art test laboratories.

    A comprehensive overview of the banned substances and the specified GUT limit values is given in the brochure

    "GUT Product Test Criteria and Limit Values"

    available for download on the right side.

    Pollutant testPollutant testSchadstoffprüfungTest op gevaarlijke stoffen

    GUT Test Criteria and Limit Values


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