Test method

The test is conducted in compliance with the Swiss standard SNV 195651 for the determination of nasal nuisance through textiles.

For a period of 15 hours, a sample of 144 cm2 is stored in an air-sealed desiccator (volume about 2l) at 37 C and 50% relative humidity. In the process, the humidity is adjusted by means of a saturated magnesium nitrate solution (approx. 100 ml).

Under these conditions, at least seven test persons will subsequently open the desiccator for a brief moment and assess the intensity of the odour perceived. The intensity of the odour is graded by means of a scale from 1 (no odour formation) to 5 (very strong odour formation). When a test person has made his or her assessment, the desiccator must be sealed again and stored under the conditions indicated for at least another 15 minutes. When the test has been completed, the desiccator is left open at 37 C until its interior is odour-free; if necessary, the salt solution must be renewed

1 = no odour  2 = not unpleasant  3 = slightly unpleasant  4 = unpleasant  5 = very unpleasant
6 = extremly unpleasant 

The mean value of the grades for the odour intensity must be a grade <  4.